AudioLatency Plugin Causes PTS Offset To Not Work

Abrar Shahriar abrar.shahriar at
Fri May 27 11:13:41 UTC 2022

Hello all,

I have a custom app with a pipeline like so-  gst-launch-1.0 pulsesrc buffer-time=20000 latency-time=10000 ! audiolatency print-latency=true ! queue max-size-buffers=0 max-size-bytes=0 max-size-time=5000000000 ! pulsesink buffer-time=20000 latency-time=10000.

I use a probe added to the sink of queue to add PTS offset, when I remove audiolatency element, I can measure delays working (like if I give 5sec, audio is 5sec late) but whenever the audiolatency element is added, the delay is always something around 77ms regardless of the PTS offset added in the queue sink probe.

If I split up the pipeline into twohalves (connected via UDPsrc and sink), then the PTS offset seems to work (cause audiolatency in in the sender pipeline but not the receiver pipeline).

Is there I can get this to work? Thanks.



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