how to set GST_PLUGIN_PATH for custom plugin on Android

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Any other suggestions on how to add custom plugin to gstreamer on Android?
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  Hi, Nirbheek,
   no luck with static link. Any special flags are needed for the plugin build?

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 Hi Joe,

If you are already using gst_element_register, you can statically link
your plugin into your app.


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> I have a custom plugin with Qt + C++ and it works file on Linux. On Linux
> GST_PLUGIN_PATH can be set to its path. And it works fine.
> I built it for Android as well. It seems there is not way
> to set GST_PLUGIN_PATH for Android apps in C++.
> The plugin is registered with the following func
> gst_element_register
> Your helps are highly appreciated.
>    Joe
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