how to add the support for the odd number of pixels in tile pixel formats(synaptics videosmart)

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Tue Nov 8 01:07:34 UTC 2022

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> Hello
> I am trying to add the tile pixel formats for synaptics platform, the
> pixel definition could be found:
> I think I can't use the tile_ws here, the tiles are in 1x4 or 3x4. The
> number is odd not even. Could I leave both tile_ws and tile_hs in 0 here?

Only power of two are supported. It seems like these should be opaque
formats under the umbrella of the new dmabufs drm modifiers design. Helpers
are yet to be implemented there, it's unlikely to make it for 1.22.

> I wonder what I should do to apply this document?
> I think the current GstVideoFormatInfo struct didn't support this type
> of format. Any idea early stages I could try here?
> --
> Hsia-Jun(Randy) Li
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