Ignore EOS and continuing to ingest

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Would you mind sharing your pipeline details?



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> Frequently?  Is this at a recognizable interval? like exactly 60 or 120
> seconds?
> RTSP sets a timeout on the session and the timeout is refreshed with a
> variety of potential ways.
> If the response to the PLAY command says timeout is 60 seconds, you need
> to send back a GET_PARAMETER, OPTIONS, SET_PARAMTER to refresh it. If rtcp
> is running on the +1 socket or channel then the RR (reciever report) can
> sometimes be enough.
> A wireshark will allow you to see this case.
> On Wed, Nov 9, 2022 at 6:34 PM Guru Govindan via gstreamer-devel <
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>> Hi,
>> I am working with a few security cameras like ACTi and GeoVision, where
>> the rtsp stream frequently sends EOS caught by bus watch.
>> I tried ignoring it and that would lead to the video ingest stopping to
>> work.
>> I am having to force the pipeline to restart with setting it to ready and
>> playing.
>> Is there any other way to continue ingesting without having to restart
>> the pipeline as I lose footage during the restart.
>> gst::MessageView::Eos(..) => {
>>     log::info!("Received EOS from the stream! restarting the stream!");
>>     let _ = pipeline.set_state(gst::State::Ready);
>>     let _ = pipeline.set_state(gst::State::Playing);
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