sending raw video of varying dimensions through shmsink

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> An alternative is not to use shmsink and try to do something like
> ipcpipeline, but that feels like a much bigger change than I'd like to do
> right now. So I'm wondering: is there any way to share raw video between
> shmsink/shmsrc in such a way that it supports variable dimensions?

A while ago (actually almost a decade!) I added caps-passing to
shmsink/shmsrc when I ported it to windows ( It
didn't seem to garner interest so I never put in a merge request. We've
since created another shared memory plugin for Linux and Windows with
Python bindings, all with auto caps handling.

I'm guessing you're on Linux, but note that the new win32ipc plugin
supports automatic caps handling.

Otherwise, I'm not sure what would work for you. If you are interested in
the patch for caps-handling in shmsink/shmsrc, let me know.
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