sending raw video of varying dimensions through shmsink

Matt Feury mattfeury at
Tue Feb 7 04:25:27 UTC 2023

That sounds like exactly what I was looking for.

>From that link, I did actually discover gdppay/gdpdepay which could be used
as well. More importantly however I discovered that
adding rawvideoparse directly after the shmsrc allows it to work without
doing any payloading, so i went that route.


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>> [snip]
>> An alternative is not to use shmsink and try to do something like
>> ipcpipeline, but that feels like a much bigger change than I'd like to do
>> right now. So I'm wondering: is there any way to share raw video between
>> shmsink/shmsrc in such a way that it supports variable dimensions?
> A while ago (actually almost a decade!) I added caps-passing to
> shmsink/shmsrc when I ported it to windows (
> It
> didn't seem to garner interest so I never put in a merge request. We've
> since created another shared memory plugin for Linux and Windows with
> Python bindings, all with auto caps handling.
> I'm guessing you're on Linux, but note that the new win32ipc plugin
> supports automatic caps handling.
> Otherwise, I'm not sure what would work for you. If you are interested in
> the patch for caps-handling in shmsink/shmsrc, let me know.
> -Josh
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