missing attack of sound with playbin after seek to beginning

Matthieu Imbert matthieu.imbert at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 08:53:40 UTC 2023


I'm developing a software that plays sound using gstreamer playbin (in
python, with qt).

When playing sounds that have a fast attack (such as bass drum samples, i
can provide examples if needed), i have issues in some situations:

   - on my development laptop in debian testing (debian 12), with gstreamer
   1.22, pipewire, when I load the sound and play it the first time, i get the
   correct attack, but then when seeking to 0 and playing again, the attack of
   the sound is "eaten", which in some cases can deeply alter the audio
   rendering (on a bass drum sound with a short attack, the attack is really
   missing, it sounds really different)
   - on the same laptop, in a virtualbox VM in debian stable (debian 11),
   with gstreamer 1.18, pulseaudio, the issue does not occur

I tried many things to solve that, like playing with seek flags, even
trying introducing small delays between operations, and at this point i'm
really lacking ideas, so any help, suggestions would be appreciated.


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