Pipeline clock speed

Miguel Leão miguel.leao at bisect.pt
Tue Feb 28 10:17:02 UTC 2023

Hey everyone,

I am working on a pipeline that reads video from a file, decodes it, and sends it to an appsink, like so:
multifilesrc - decodebin - appsink

My problem is, this pipeline is processing the video way to fast, and is causing problems in a pipeline that has an appsrc and plays the video. The video is playing way faster and the pipeline keeps discarding buffers (I assume because it can't process them fast enough) and ends up crashing.

I tried adding a tee with a fakesink in the end of the pipeline, with the sync property set to true. But it had no effect on the outcome.
multifilesrc - decodebin - tee - appsink
                                              | - fakesink

Also added a capsfilter with the correct framerate, but same result.
Any idea how I can play this with a "normal" clock speed?

Thanks in advance,
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