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Le mardi 28 février 2023 à 10:17 +0000, Miguel Leão via gstreamer-devel a
écrit :
> Hey everyone,
> I am working on a pipeline that reads video from a file, decodes it, and sends
> it to an appsink, like so: 
> multifilesrc - decodebin - appsink
> My problem is, this pipeline is processing the video way to fast, and is
> causing problems in a pipeline that has an appsrc and plays the video. The
> video is playing way faster and the pipeline keeps discarding buffers (I
> assume because it can't process them fast enough) and ends up crashing.
> I tried adding a tee with a fakesink in the end of the pipeline, with the sync
> property set to true. But it had no effect on the outcome.
> multifilesrc - decodebin - tee - appsink
>                                               | - fakesink
> Also added a capsfilter with the correct framerate, but same result.
> Any idea how I can play this with a "normal" clock speed?

As you do offline processing, I'd suggest to set appsink max-buffer property to
1 or 2. By default its unlimited (0), and may endup using all your RAM and CPU.
>From there, the you don't need clock or sync in your pipeline, you can process
the appsink data at the speed you want.

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