stuttering with playbin3/uridecodebin3 on HLS stream

Bill Hofmann bill at
Wed Jan 4 23:30:57 UTC 2023


Looking visually at a screen, AND checking QOS output, I see that playbin3
and uridecodebin3 clearly have problems on HLS segment boundaries, with
visible dropped frames at the boundary (I'm using 15s segments, so pretty
close to every 15s there is a 1-2 frame glitch).  I tried download=true and
use-buffering=true to no avail.

A pipeline hand built with souphttpsrc also has QOS issues on boundaries,
but not every time.

Content is local to the machine, served via nginx (a URL like

Thoughts on how to address this? Buffering/delay (if consistent) is not a
big issue.


Bill Hofmann
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