Meaning of do-retransmission of webrtcsink

Mathieu Duponchelle mathieu at
Fri Jan 20 23:18:31 UTC 2023

Hey, the documentation is in my opinion fairly clear for this property:

> Whether the element should offer to honor retransmission requests

Basically, this has a direct effect on the SDP that gets offered.

On Sun, 2023-01-15 at 19:45 +0800, Jun Xiao wrote:
> Hi Mathieu,
> Would you please elaborate the meaning of "do-retransmission"
> parameter of webrtcsink?
> If I understand correctly, "do-retransmission" should be configured
> on receiver side, and sender side is using rtprtxsend to respond to
> the NACK from receiver side.
> Does webrtcsink's "do-retransmission" have any other means?
> Thanks,
> Jun

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