Implementing a custom Bin Src

Rodrigo Santos rsantos at
Fri Jan 27 18:40:39 UTC 2023

Hey folks,

I've been trying to implement a Bin Src element but I'm struggling to make it work properly. I created a simplified version of the bin that only contains a filesrc, the code is here

A requirement that we have is that it should operate in Pull mode, so both the bin's ghostpad and filesrc's src pad are activated in Pull mode.

The final bin that we are trying to build is more complex and has another custom element that we implemented. But to make things simpler I only added the filesrc in this sample, as the issue also happens in this case.

This bin implements the GstUriHandler interface. Our goal is to autoplug this source bin in other pipelines. There are two samples in the bin/ folder, one for regular pipelines and other for a GES pipeline.

What's happening is that it works for the vast majority of cases when I run the bin/sample program (occasionally it hangs). However, when I ran the bin/ges-sample, the program always hangs. The only meaningful message that I can see is that calling filesrc.range() function is returning Flushing just before the halting. I've been trying to understand this error for the last two weeks with no luck.

Can someone take a look at this implementation and give me some hints about what I might be missing?

Rodrigo Santos
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