[gst-embedded] Saving H.264 output into a format compatible with QuickTime

Charles Woloszynski charles.woloszynski at handheldmedia.us
Tue Jan 5 19:12:25 PST 2010

I am working to generate H.264 video clips using gstreamer and I want to use QuickTime as the playback engine.  

I used:

gst-launch videotestsrc pattern=1 num-buffers=60 !  TIVidenc1 codecName=h264enc engineName=codecServer ! qtmux ! filesink location=file
But, the output file is not correctly formatted.  I was told that the output of the TIVidenc1 is in a byte stream in NALU format, but the qtmux expects the video in packetized format with right codec_data (avcC atom) field information.

I am new to these formats, so I am looking for any pointers to help.  

First, is there a way to feed NALU directly into QuickTime?  

Second, is there an existing tool to convert NALU into the right format (gstreamer plugin?)

Third, can someone help me understand these two formats (pointer to their definition?) so I can look into how to create a plugin to do this coversion?

Thanks in advance, 


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