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On Fr, 2014-01-24 at 10:54 +0400, Ivan Rofov wrote:
> Hello all
> I try use gst-omx plugin on android, and use cerbero shell for build purpose. Before build gst-omx I successfully builded package gstreamer-1.0-sdk, and used this package for Tutorial3 example
> gst-omx build commands:
> git clone git://
> cd gst-omx
> sh --host=arm-linux-androideabi --disable-gtk-doc --with-omx-target=generic --enable-static --prefix=/home/ivan/cerbero/omx
> make
> make install
> After successfully build and install I got 3 new files:
> libgstomx.a

Is the .a file in lib/gstreamer-1.0/static afterwards and a .la file

Also if you build without --enable-static-plugins the .a file will be
useless and only the .so file will be useful. Just that we don't use
that on Android because of dynamic linking limitations.

You have to build gst-omx with --enable-static-plugins and then get
the .a and .la files in the right directory.

> For use them I try add plugin name to GSTREAMER_PLUGINS inside Like this:
> But I can't build project with this changes. Because generated file (gstreamer_android.c) have error, at this line:
> Error:
> gstreamer_android.o: in function gst_android_register_static_plugins:gstreamer_android.c(.text.gst_android_register_static_plugins+0x8): error: undefined reference to 'gst_plugin_omx_register'
> Please help me register gst-omx plugin for use them on gstreamer pipeline.

Please run ndk-build with V=1 and LIBTOOL_DEBUG=1 and paste the complete
output if the problem still persists after fixing things as described

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