Ikke eikke at
Fri Jun 11 08:32:24 PDT 2004

> Ikke wrote:
> > The hal-cvs ebuild maintainer of breakmygentoo told me the configure
> > option --with-pid-file was broken. I looked at the configure script, and
> > it seems it was. Fixed that, the location is replaced in the makefiles
> > now. That DEFINE isnt used in the code itself it seems tough?!?
> Thank you. I was hoping to fix that this weekend. Have you also noticed
> that if the system hangs, and there is a dbus pid file, and so dbus
> doesn't start, the hal init script still succeeds? I'm guessing this is
> a gentoo crazy init dependency tree thing.

Start-stop-daemon says its started, but in fact it isnt. I think. Should
check tough.
The dbus-cvs ebuild has been fixed normally now to remove the pid file in
the init script so dbus will start, even after a crash.

> Perhaps with this pid file fix, the behaviour will be more consistent.

Would be nice ;-)

Cheers, Ikke

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