best way to determine devices with drivers

andrew luecke auzy1 at
Sun Jun 20 20:58:31 PDT 2004

Firstly, thanks for responding about my problem. Until now I just assumed 
that modules like USB printers etc which come with the kernel would fill 
that field, but now, after you mentioned cameras, I think you scratched that 
plan ;)

Maybe I'll also need to develop a database that can record userspace progs 
and drivers for devices or something.. guess it just got more complex.

Thanks for the feedback on the linux.drivers field though..  I was getting 
paranoid that I might have been going blind or something.


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>On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 11:00, andrew luecke wrote:
> > Hey all.
>sorry for the delay,
> > currently I'm working on a driver install system for linux, which
> > I'm hoping may one day help complement other linux usability projects, 
> > automatically finds drivers on the internet for devices that dont 
> > have them installed.
> >
> > My problem is that to use HAL, I need a way of determining if a device
> > already has a driver installed and is active (so I can tell if I need to
> > install one). I have noticed under 0.2.92 that  there is a namespace I 
> > use called "linux.driver".. However, I noticed when I ran lshal on my
> > devices that not even one of them had linux.driver listed.. So, does 
> > know if this is the best way, or is there a better way (I noticed that 
> > device manager listed my USB camera with no driver as an unknown 
> >
>Just to clarify, the meaning of linux.driver would be to indicate what
>kernel space driver is attached to the device; if your USB camera is
>handled by libgphoto probably no driver would be attached and
>linux.driver would not exist or be empty. HAL on FreeBSD, would probably
>expose freebsd.driver with the same semantics :-)
> > Any idea if its just because nothing is using the linux.driver flag yet,
> > lshal isn't listing it, or/and any better methods of determining if the
> > driver is working (info.not_available maybe??)
> >
>The linux.driver property used to be there before I rewrote some of the
>code, but I removed it for some reason, IIRC it's because HAL uses an
>old local copy of libsysfs that doesn't expose this for some reason. It
>makes sense to put it back in, but it will probably require an upgrade
>of the libsysfs sources in the HAL tree; shouldn't be too much work

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