best way to determine devices with drivers

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Thu Jun 24 06:02:42 PDT 2004


> One area where this does get complicated is that the various
> enterprise distros sometimes ship multiple versions of the same
> module, with slightly different names.  Such deviations could
> (and should) be maintained in the HAL packages for those distros IMO.
> Just making things work with a mainline kernel should cover 99%
> of cases. The other 1% can probably figure it out themselves.

I think this is the key - most kernels should be good. When Project 
Utopia is working with a vanilla kernel, maybe it will encourage 
distributors to get involved so they can adopt the technology.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the LSB have to say about the 
use of binary modules? Do they dictate that it should be vanilla?


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