hal Digest, Vol 4, Issue 39

Andrew Luecke worse.off.then.shrek at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 07:40:27 PDT 2004

btw, I was meant to delete the networking thing, but accidently pressed send :(

thanks for all the comments by the way :D 

Honestly, I just expected it to die with the linux.driver thing.. I
think I've worked stuff out now I guess.. I figure if the kernel can
work out which depends it needs, I can at least solve that prob with
in kernel modules. At the moment I'm not really expecting a perfect
implementation (not even at 0.02 yet).

Fortunately digital cerificites and the verification by the server
admin stop the virus prob, so that shouldn't be any more worrying then
the possibility ur APT tree gets infected..

This stuff is probably outside the domain of HAL though anyway. Thanks
all for the excellent help.. I'm not really expecting my project to
ever be perfect (it cant be unless I do evil things that the user wont

btw, when can I expect the linux.driver field to be working again?
I've started the painstakingly long process of changing my prog to
HAL/dbus.. but just got an evil idea about possibly doing it on a
application level too (like having xorg being able to call it if it
cant load cause theres no drivers), and have driver on demand find its
drivers too.

Or have cups calling it for printer drivers and stuff.. Not sure its
really HAL's domain anyway though..

Thanks for the ideas all, hopefully things will work out for all our projects :)



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