[0/13] HAL support for Linux/390.

Cornelia Huck cohuck at de.ibm.com
Mon Jun 27 01:45:35 PDT 2005


I've been working on support for Linux on S/390 specific devices in HAL.
The following patchset includes some non-s390 specific patches and support
for the S/390 bus types.

Patches 1-3 fix some generic issues I came across.

Patch 4 exports an interface I needed for my bus implementations.

Patches 5-7 add support for s390 bus types: ccw, ccwgroup and iucv.

Patch 8 adds support for ccw block devices.

Patch 9 implements a tape class.

Patches 10-13 add documentation for the new bus types and the tape class.
I haven't updated the .html spec file since docbook creates a file which
contains a huge diff (unrelated to my changes) - not sure what I'm
doing wrong here...

Comments are welcome!

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