removable bit not set for portable USB hard disk.

Andrey Borzenkov arvidjaar at
Sun Oct 2 05:18:35 PDT 2005

On Sunday 02 October 2005 13:36, Pierre Ossman wrote:
> Gilles Schintgen wrote:
> > Now I'm wondering why my USB stick is marked as removable. Is this a bug?
> > Of course, if it were a bug, then pmount would be nearly completely
> > useless since most USB storage media (except CD/DVD drives) aren't
> > "removable".
> At a first glance I'd say this is a bug, yes.

As was already pointed, "removable" flag is set by kernel based on whatever 
information device returns.

> Note however that 
> 'removable' is a hint that media *might* disappear with out removing the
> device node.

That is probably a reason manufcaturers mark it as "removale", which is 
strictly speaking wrong. The basic difference (from HAL point of view) is 
that it must poll "removable" for medium presence, while "hotpluggable but 
not removable" do not need it. Actually Mandrake disabled polling for USB 
sticks long ago (using fdi).

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