Udev + Hotplug (was USB key troubles)

Fabian Zeindl fabian at xover.htu.tuwien.ac.at
Mon Oct 10 02:15:46 PDT 2005

Le vendredi 07 octobre 2005 à 17:42 +0200, Kay Sievers a écrit :
> Kernel events are received by udev which handles the event and sends it
> to HAL by calling hal.hotplug. The use of the multiplexing directories
> in udev or the use of run_directory is not recommended and should be
> avoided.
> Every hotplug user should plug into the event process with a
> matching rule. So at best remove _all_ the old dev.d/ and hotplug.d/ crap
> and just add: RUN+="/usr/sbin/hal.hotplug" or something like this.

But where are the hotplug scripts called then? I did what you suggested
and have the problem now, that modules etc. don't get loaded anymore?
Should this be done by udev?


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