acpi.c patch : refactoring, doxygen'ing, and fixing more broken bios's

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Oct 10 09:44:04 PDT 2005

Good to merge?


* hald/linux2/acpi.c (battery_refresh_remove): New function,
just to remove all the battery.* keys. Removes the mess of tabs.
No logical code changes.

* hald/linux2/acpi.c (battery_refresh_add): New function,
just to coldplug all the battery.* keys. Removes the *massive* mess
of tabs and makes the code more readable.
The only code change is to only set the rechargeable = TRUE info on
coldplug, not on every refresh.

* hald/linux2/acpi.h: Move static structures and enums from acpi.c
I've added the quirk table for the *really* broken BIOS stuff.

* hald/linux2/acpi.c: goto-ectomy where trivial to do so. Also
I've removed all the trailing spaces and added lots of doygen comments
explaining what each function does (which is why the patch file
is rather large....)

* hald/linux2/acpi.c (set_bios_quirks): New function to repair the
really wrong or badly implimented BIOS's.
Required on the COMPAQ EVO N160. Thanks to Trond Husø for all the
debugging information. This is made as a generic function as I
will be adding more laptops as I find out what quirks they need.



p.s. Ryan, can you merge your addon soon please, davidz wants to do a
release soon. I can do it if you are busy.

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