creating SYNC option for all USB devices in hal 0.0.4-10

Saimun Cheng chengsaimun at
Mon Oct 17 05:13:59 PDT 2005


i am developing a kiosk which makes sure of staroffice which allows user to
plug in usb thumbdrive to work on their documents.

Because mounting and unmounting should be transparent to them, I would like
to ensure that after Users saved their files, the files get flushed
immediately to thumbdrive. I think SYNC is the option for that.

In FC 3, hal-0.4.0-10, where do i enable the 'sync' option for USB device?

I have done the research but do not know 1. where to create/modify a file in
which directory. AND 2. which line to include in the file.

I know /etc/fstab cannot be modified and it's to do with /hal/fdi ...blah

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