[PATCH ]Re: hal doesn't recognize mounting of devices

Schupp Roderich (extern) BenQ MD PD SWP 2 CM MCH Roderich.Schupp.extern at mch.siemens.de
Tue Oct 25 09:38:38 PDT 2005

> And regarding to the "mount" event. It is the "exclusive 
> block device claim"
> event we receive, and not a "I have it finally mounted" 
> event. These are different states that will not be in sync.

Thanks for clearing that up. Does that mean that the
delay-before-reading-/proc/mounts is the way to go?

What about the other points raised by Al Viro on LKML
(_not_ the namespace issues - if namespaces are ever used
in Linux there will bigger breakage to fix):

- there may be more than one mountpoint for any given device
- hald may find the device in /proc/mounts, but the mountpoint 
  may have been mount --move'd away (there's no uevent for that yet, right?)

Cheers, Roderich

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