[PATCH ]Re: hal doesn't recognize mounting of devices

John McCutchan ttb at tentacle.dhs.org
Tue Oct 25 07:27:50 PDT 2005

On 25-Oct-05, at 10:17 AM, Schupp Roderich (extern) BenQ MD PD SWP 2  
CM MCH wrote:

> John wrote:
>> I was wondering if this wouldn't be the perfect place to use inotify.
>> Setup an inotify watch on /proc/mounts and block until we get
>> the write finished event.  Just a thought.
> I don't think that inotify works for virtual filesystems like /proc :(

It would be trivial to add support for inotify on /proc. Just need to  
call the appropriate fsnotify_* functions from within procfs.

John McCutchan
ttb at tentacle.dhs.org

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