formatting/partitioning methods in HAL

Christopher Santero csantero at
Sat Jan 14 21:48:12 PST 2006

I'm interested in implementing the formatting and parititioning
methods David talks about in this Gnome bug:

I'm new to HAL and DBUS so I'm trying to figure out what I'd need to
do to get started with this. Using formatting as an example, so far
I've figured out the following:

1. In libhal-storage I have to create a method of LibHalVolume called
libhal_volume_format (LibHalVolume *volume, const char *fs_type, const
char *label)
assuming those are the parameters we want for that. This should use
dbus_message_new_method_call to invoke Format with an interface of
2. In fdi/policy/10osvendor/20-storage-methods.fdi I match devices
where the key info.capabilities contains "volume" and add the Format
method in there, with a signature of ss and an execpath of
3. Then I create a script in tools/hal-system-storage-format which
does actual stuff.

Does that sound correct, and am I missing anything?


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