Adding DELL brightness support to HAL

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Tue Jun 20 07:16:03 PDT 2006

As discussed in I've
attached a patch that creates the correct device and matches up the
properties on any Dell Laptop (we could blacklist/whitelist specific
devices that do not work, but I'm assured this should work on nearly all
Dell laptops).

To test you'll need a pretty recent libsmbios and of course CVS HAL.

Not tested by me, so please review.

You've got to agree, creating the device in the fdi file is nice, much
cleaner than in acpi.c -- maybe we should move this panel matching from
acpi.c. For this we need to check the existence of files
(/proc/acpi/toshiba/brightness for example) in a fdi file, which I'm not
sure we can do. Sane / insane?


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