Add a simple version of the toshiba acpi addon

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Fri Mar 3 10:25:45 PST 2006

On Fri, 2006-03-03 at 10:54 -0500, David Zeuthen wrote:
> Should use - instead of _ for the button names... btw.. did you have a
> patch for doing s/_/-/ everywhere as well as adding it to the spec? I
> didn't see it. That patch should go in at the same time as this patch.
> Apart from that it looks good to me. Thanks.

I've committed this:

2006-03-03  Richard Hughes <richard at>

* doc/spec/ Ammend the spec as now button.has_state
and button.type are not mandatory.

2006-03-03  Richard Hughes <richard at>

* hald/linux2/addons/.cvsignore: Append hald-addon-acpi-buttons-toshiba

* .cvsignore: Append hal-policy.pc

* tools/.cvsignore: Append hal-policy-is-privileged

* libhal-policy/.cvsignore, policy/.cvsignore, policy/txt/.cvsignore:
Add this file, copied from libhal-storage.

2006-03-03  Richard Hughes <richard at>

* hald/linux2/addons/addon-acpi-buttons-toshiba.c,
hald/linux2/addons/ Build hald-addon-acpi-buttons-toshiba.
When the acpi->input patches get sent to the kernel, and HAL has a
dependency on this new kernel version, this addon can probably be
removed. Seeing as this may be years away, adding the addon is a good
thing to do as it makes the Fn keys on Toshiba work.

* fdi/policy/10osvendor/10-toshiba-buttons.fdi,
fdi/policy/10osvendor/ Launch the toshiba acpi addon for
toshiba laptops only.

2006-03-03  Richard Hughes <richard at>

* hald/linux2/addons/addon-keyboard.c: Convert the key names to include
a central dash between words, e.g. converting "brightnessdown" and
"ejectcdto" to "brightness-down" and "eject-cd" to conform to the new
standard for key names. I think the only thing this breaks is g-p-m.

Thanks for the review, 


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