how to check if hal is ready

Marko Anastasov marko at
Fri Mar 3 16:54:06 PST 2006

> Thinking further, we have the Rescan() method, which can be invoked on a 
> device. When invoked on a storage device, Rescan() will discover new 
> volume and remove stale volumes (e.g. if a disk was reformatted or media 
> replaced). ... Perhaps we could have something 
> like "info.scan_state" property, with values 'in_progress' and 'done'.

If so, it would be also possible to have a callback, like
libhal_rescan_complete(). The ideal solution would be something
like libhal_device_scan_complete(), but ...

> The problem is, there is no way for HAL clients to know when it is 
> finished the volume search process on a given storage device. I'm not 
> even sure it's solvable in general, because, in theory at least, HAL
> is 
> free to scan or not scan for volumes whenever it feels like, or 
> depending on runtime conditions known only to HAL.

Can you explain to me the last two lines? I mean, why would it be a
problem to eg invoke a signal to a user (ie through LibHal) after the
probing/searching for volumes has finished? I've been looking at the HAL
source for the first time and this is what I figured out so far:

I noticed that in hald/blockdev.c there is the
add_blockdev_probing_helper_done() function that is called after
hald-probe-storage finishes, and in it:

/* set block.storage_device for storage devices since only now we know
the UDI */
if (!is_volume) {
  hal_device_copy_property (d, "info.udi", d, "block.storage_device");
} else {
  /* check for mount point */
  blockdev_refresh_mount_state (d);

I guess this is what you mean. After that, blockdev_callouts_add_done()
is called and the device is removed from the TDL and added to the GDL.

This all happens after hotplug_event_begin_add_blockdev() (an important
function as I see) which is invoked in hotplug_event_begin_sysfs()

So when a volume is added, that's a separate hotplug event? I guess
then HAL can only be passive and wait for hotplug to deliver all
volumes one by one. When does HAL take initiative and search for volumes
as you say?


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