HAL 0.4.8 vs. KDE 3.4.2: install OK, but daemon won't run

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Sat Mar 4 12:05:14 PST 2006


I'm currently working through this tutorial, which I think has gained some


According to the author, KDE 3.4.2 (the one I have on my Slack 10.2) only
supports HAL up to 0.4.8. On another install I had the latest (well, 0.5.6)
which worked very well with the latest XFCE and Thunar filemanager.

So I built and installed HAL 0.4.8. This process went well. Unfortunately, the
daemon won't start. When I run /usr/sbin/hald --daemon=yes, I get... nothing.
The output of ps aux | grep -i hal gives nothing.

Now I'm clueless. What to look for next?



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