/dev/hdb1 volume shown on destop after upgrade

vitko vitk0 at seznam.cz
Sun Mar 26 23:25:11 PST 2006

David Zeuthen napsal(a):

>>  After last upgrade of my Debian (Sid) new hal 0.5.7 arrived.
>> I was surprised to see new 60 GB volume icon on my desktop,
> Under certain conditions gnome-vfs-daemon will show entries
> from /etc/fstab but I think it requires the user, users or pam_console
> option to be present.

Should I file a bug against gnome-vfs-daemon then?

>> and not a hal issue,
> hal does not modify your /etc/fstab anymore (I never think it did on
> Debian by default) and I doubt sjoerd put in stuff in the Debian package
> to do this. Sjoerd would know though.

No, I don't think hal modifies /etc/fstab. Line

    /dev/hdb1   /mnt/data   xfs   defaults   0   2

is my own manually written one. It's been there for some time,
but just now I got  'Svazek 55,9 GB' (read: volume, I got Czech Gnome here)
on my Desktop. What else should I try?

The problem is one of my 'system' partitions is now appearing as volume
icon on Gnome desktop and I'd like to know why and how to get rid of this
behavior. Thanks for any tips or hints.


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