question on input.mouse

Simon Thum simon.thum at
Sat Aug 16 02:27:39 PDT 2008

Hi all,

Ive got a small problem and I think HAL *might* be the way to go on the 
issue. So basically I'd like to know first if you'd agree with that.

The problem: I've developed a new pointer acceleration for I 
would like to improve it a bit by stabilizing against differing HW 
characteristics. Basically, I'd like to know the resolution (dpi) and 
the anticipated reporting rate (hz) of devices.

I've found this posting:
however the current (?) HAL 0.5.10 spec doesn't mention anything in 
input.mouse. My ps/2 mouse has the needed files/values under /sys, I 
guess other devices do so too. However lshal output is in line with the 
spec :)

To Xorg, it would make sense to upgrade input.mouse since we could just 
assign the props in some manner instead of having per-driver code crawl 
through /proc and friends or begging for ioctls to /sys-exposed stuff.

So: Is extending input.mouse an option?
What's needed to link those values in (for ps/2, usb and synaptics 


Simon Thum

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