Any user documentation for adding acpi hotkeys on toshiba laptops. User's manual ??

Heise Maximilian ahfoongo at
Sat Aug 23 21:23:12 PDT 2008

Hello Everybody,

i am switching my family's toshiba laptops (4 machines, 3 different models)
to Kubuntu 8.04. My problem is that the hotkeys are not always working and i
cannot find any documention as to where i have to edit configuration files
to enter the acpi buttons and their respective codes.

I see the acpi events being logged in /var/log/acpid, e.g an event that does
not get handled:
[Sun Aug 24 05:55:00 2008] received event "hkey VALD 00000000 00000b25"
[Sun Aug 24 05:55:00 2008] notifying client 4974[0:0]
[Sun Aug 24 05:55:00 2008] notifying client 5292[109:119]
[Sun Aug 24 05:55:00 2008] completed event "hkey VALD 00000000 00000b25"

I think "notifying client 5292" refers to pid 5292, which is:
5292  ?   S 0:00 hald-addon-acpi: listening on acpid socket

For events that do get handled by hal i can see them passing through hal by
running lshal -m:
$ lshal -m

Start monitoring devicelist:
06:03:48.894 platform_i8042_i8042_KBD_port_logicaldev_input condition
ButtonPressed = play-pause

And then the events that do get handled do show up in KDE through dbus (at
least i think so):
dbus-monitor --system:
signal sender=:1.4 -> dest=(null destination)
interface=org.freedesktop.Hal.Device; member=Condition
   string "ButtonPressed"
   string "play-pause"

But my question remains where i can put in new acpi buttons and their codes,
e.g. the acpi button "hkey VALD 00000000 00000b25" from above ? And where do
i specify what action, like starting a web browser etc, i assign to them ? I
have looked through the files in /usr/lib/hal/scripts, /etc/hal/ and
/usr/share/hal, but if the information is there then i am not seeing it
anymore after spending way too much time on this subject this night
(breakfast is in 2,5h....;) ).

I do know how to assign the dbus events in kde to the programs i want IFF i
can get the events through to there.

Thanks for your help
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