Debugging HAL reporting suspend errors that aren't really errors

Mario Limonciello mario_limonciello at
Thu Aug 28 08:59:49 PDT 2008


Throughout preparing a variety of laptops to be shipped with Ubuntu 8.04
this past year, it became apparent that HAL was (seemingly randomly)
reporting that suspend had failed, when indeed it didn't.  The machine
would go both down and up OK, but the balloon notification (from
libnotify) and noise (from gnome-power-manager) indicating a failure
would happen after the machine came up.  From what I understand these
both get their reports of what had happened from HAL.

I was wondering how would be the best way to attack this type of problem
to determine the root cause?  It isn't exclusively on Dell hardware as
there have been reports of it happening on both HP & Acer as well.


Mario Limonciello
*Dell | Linux Engineering*
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