Debugging HAL reporting suspend errors that aren't really errors

Danny Kukawka danny.kukawka at
Thu Aug 28 09:59:18 PDT 2008

On Donnerstag, 28. August 2008, Mario Limonciello wrote:
> Hello:
> Throughout preparing a variety of laptops to be shipped with Ubuntu 8.04
> this past year, it became apparent that HAL was (seemingly randomly)
> reporting that suspend had failed, when indeed it didn't.  The machine
> would go both down and up OK, but the balloon notification (from
> libnotify) and noise (from gnome-power-manager) indicating a failure
> would happen after the machine came up.  From what I understand these
> both get their reports of what had happened from HAL.
> I was wondering how would be the best way to attack this type of problem
> to determine the root cause?  It isn't exclusively on Dell hardware as

I would tip that these aren't HAL errors. I guess this happens if you suspend 
a long time (and I guess you use GNOME and not KDE). After 6 hours suspend 
time the DBus method call times out, which leads to an error message.

I fixed this in KPowersave by stop the time before the suspend, stop the time 
after resumed, calculate the time between suspend and resume and if the time 
is more than 6 hours: show no error message to the user.


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