acer aspire 7110 keymap setup (Got some troubles)

Carlos Corbacho carlos at
Fri Jan 4 09:49:32 PST 2008

On Friday 04 January 2008 14:25:11 Evgeniy Ivanov wrote:
> I use your config for acers.
> 30-keymap-acer.fdi:

Which version of this file are you using? The one shipped with your 
distribution, or your own locally edited version? Because:

> Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy

AFAIK, (K)Ubuntu 7.10 ships a very old version of hal-info (20070618), which 
predates the inclusion of the 7110 keymap (added 19th November 2007).

So if you're using the distribution default, more likely your problem is just 
an old version of hal-info that lacks the 7110 keymap.

> I restarted my hal and got nothing.
> lshal | grep keymap gives nothing.
> I think, that hal is not used for keymapping (maybe hotkeysetup blocks it?)

HAL works by invoking setkeycodes, using the data provided. There is no daemon 
involved for the keymapping.

Now hotkeysetup _might_ start playing around and remapping some of the keys, 
but it shouldn't affect all of them.

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