Can HAL sense/see when something is plugged in the out of the sound card?

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Sat Jan 12 14:59:44 PST 2008

On Sat, 12.01.08 20:29, Stojan Dimitrovski (sdimitrovski at wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Can HAL sense/see when something is plugged in the "out" of the sound
> card? I say something because AFAIK no sound card can determine whether
> there are headphones or speakers or just a jack plugged in. However, I
> know that they (sound cards) can sense when something is plugged in.
> I've seen this on Windows numerous times. I also found out that this
> feature is called "Jacksense" in ALSA and other Sound projects.
> So can it sense/see?

Last time I checked at least some Intel HDA hw could do this. However,
ALSA doesn't support it, and there is not bridge to HAL of any sorts.

Might have changed though recently, but I doubt that.


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