Identifying mobile phones as modems

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>First, please stop posting uninformed wishes to technical mailing
How do I have to do informed wishes ?.  For sure you are wrong. A program or package without user feedback goes to death.
>You've been politely  asked not to do so on a number of mailing lists.
Are you more technical than me ?. More guru ?. More polite ?  :-/ I don´t think so. In any case, lists are for developers and for users. Developments are mainly based on user needings.
>NetworkManager is... a _network_ manager. Please note it is not called
RandomStuffManager nor EverythingManager. 
Nor NetworkConnectionManager also, if your limit the functions.
>Its job is to manager network connections over a number of devices marked as suited for such
task. HAL is the source of information and the devices need to be
marked as either ethernet, 802.11, modem or any other networkable type
there, in HAL.

Sorry, I forget HAL is hardware abtraction layer. Thanks big guru.

> I agree. We would try the last option ( automatic starting without make all
> other apps unusable).

Who is "we?" That does not add anything to the discussion.

Difficult to gues: people that want to try it, including me.

>A proper solution would require NetworkManager to ignore any serial
devices until the user specifically asks it for a connection. 

I don´t agree to this idea. I could opt begin the serial device and connect to the Internet at the startup.

could actually be a good thing for places where you are charged for
the connection time or data transferred.

This is not my case and this would be optional.

> >And it was one of my goals to allow various applications to connect to
> > the phone simultanously through some abstract layer (remember phone
> > utopia?).
> This can be HAL.

Sure, it could also be GTK+ or maybe even Xorg. HAL is a hardware
abstraction layer that is supposed to provide mere mortals (with uids
> 0) with information about available devices. It is not a junkyard
nor a hardware proxy (nor a sound mixer nor a package manager nor most
of the things you usually end up asking for).

And remember. In any case, you can use the command line interface . This is incredible.

Package manager is PackageKit and can be connect using Dbus to HAL and viceversa. Read my previous postings.

>Please keep the lists clean. Do not post for the sake of posting. "Me
too" from a non-programmer is just noise.

Patryk Zawadzki
>PLD Linux Distribution

That is the first time I heard about this distro, but I think it must be difficult to use, only ready for "gurus".


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