Identifying mobile phones as modems

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Wed Mar 12 11:17:19 PDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-03-12 at 14:57 +0100, PEDRO MACANAS VALVERDE wrote:
> Are you more technical than me ?. More guru ?. More polite ?  :-/ I
> don´t think so. In any case, lists are for developers and for users.
> Developments are mainly based on user needings.

Pedro. I _am_ more technical, more of a 'guru' and certainly more
polite. I've warned you on PackageKit mailing list several times:
so I really didn't want to see similar postings on HAL mailing list.

> Sorry, I forget HAL is hardware abtraction layer. Thanks big guru.

Not called for.

> Who is "we?" That does not add anything to the discussion.

We is those of us who write or debug code. That's not you.

> Sure, it could also be GTK+ or maybe even Xorg. HAL is a hardware
> abstraction layer

No it's not. Please see the archives.

> Package manager is PackageKit and can be connect using Dbus to HAL and
> viceversa. Read my previous postings.

I have. If anybody thinks I'm being harsh, please read what I wrote to
Pedro a few days ago warning him on PackageKit mailing list.


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