ANNOUNCE: HAL Scanner 0.1

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at
Fri Mar 14 11:54:32 PDT 2008


Some of you should be aware i'm working on HAL scanner support for few
weeks. (I talked about that on GNOME Scan blog, SANE devel, #hal, etc.).

I reached a milestone providing all the features we need. There are so
numerous :P. Here is what is done so far:

      * ship sane-fdi from Abel Deuring. ship as well the .fdi generated
      * Provide a hald-addon-scanner
              * implements org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Scanner interface.
                      * set property
                      * trigger "Event(option_name, value)" on hard
                        selected option change
                      * implement ReleaseDevice() and ClaimDevice
                        allowing SANE frontend to use the scanner
              * syslog debugging output
      * busconfig shipped allowing only scanner group to send and
        receive to org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Scanner interface
      * Tiny documentation (PDF)
      * autotools build system
      * Git local repo waiting for public repos to push to
      * a python test program catching scanner and their signals. I
        tested method using D-Feet only.

This is my first attempt at dbus and hal development, so it is likely to
have bugs, design mistakes, etc. Comments and patches are welcome.

I wonder whether it should be merged in hald or not since it does not
fit for embedded device. Again, comments welcome.

I didn't implement HPLIP device. I even wonder if they ship *.desc.
Should be for 0.2 ;)

Beware that hald should be allowed to access scanner device once you
tested that.

E Ultreïa !
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