properties for rotable displays

Robert Gerlach khnz at
Fri Mar 14 10:29:42 PDT 2008

Am Friday, 14. März 2008 17:00:12 schrieb Danny Kukawka:
> On Freitag, 14. März 2008, Robert Gerlach wrote:
> > for my tablet pc, I want to store the orientations of the rotable display
> > in HAL? Is there a recommendation? If not, I want to propose a new
> > capability (like "rotatable_display") and two properties, one for normal
> > and one for rotated orientation (sample fdi attached).
> I'm not sure what exactly the goal of this is.

Rotate the desktop to the right orientation (out of the box) if the user 
rotates the display.

> We already detect TabletPCs.
> I don't understand why you need the orientations of the displays (in fact
> e.g. the STYLISTIC ST5xxx displays are not rotatable since they are Slates)

No, if docked it does.

> in HAL, also because orientation for the Tablet mode is something that
> depends on the user preferences.

All tablet notebooks I know have two modes, "normal" notebook like mode and 
the "tablet" mode (and the orientation in the tablet mode differs between 
boxes, for example FSC T- and U-Series). The display orientation in this 
modes are hardware specific, so hal should be the right place to store it 
(and it's clear and easy).

> Shouldn't that be something you should 
> configure somewhere in a desktop application like krandrtray or grandr?

Yes, users should be able to change it, but this informations are good 
defaults for the user applications. Furthermore I think most users doesn't 
ever want to change it.

Note: I want it for automatically detected display rotation, not the rotation 


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