[ANNOUNCEMENT] hal-0.5.11rc2 and hal-info-20080317 available

Danny Kukawka danny.kukawka at web.de
Mon Mar 17 15:13:07 PDT 2008


Due to problems with the 'parallel event processing'-patches I've opened a 
branch for hal v0.5.11. We reverted the relevant changes in this branch and  
added some patches from the list. 

I've decided to stretch the announced release plan with a RC2 to get some time 
for testing. At the moment I plan to release the final 0.5.11 until Friday if 
there are no critical bugs.

You can download the snapshots here:


Please test the packages carefully and report report bugs. Thanks for your 


Contributors to HAL 0.5.11 "RC2" (since v0.5.10):
Andy Shevchenko (3):
      add support for the SDIO bus
      add support of the 'mmc.type' parameter
      added properties description for the SDIO bus to SPEC

Ben Liblit (2):
      add support for SW_RADIO switches
      added support for software bluetooth killswitch for ThinkPads

Colin Watson (1):
      add ps3 system bus support

Dan Williams (1):
      add a 'modem' capability and namespace

Danny Kukawka (91):
      fix GSList related memory leaks
      added missing file from commit eb6d5b9c
      make new scripts for WOL executable
      quick fix for make dist/distcheck due to WOL
      fixed missing includes partly for gcc 4.3
      update dmi chassis types
      fix hal to work with libsmbios v0.13.12
      removed double definition of HAL_HELPER_TIMEOUT
      fix possible segfault if singletons is NULL
      cleanup device.c
      fix endless loop on empty match rules in fdi-files
      fix possible segfault if compiled without IDs
      fix compiler error, remove braceright
      added some more checks to partutil code
      linux: add drm subsystem
      add udi and some more checks to libhal
      fix some whitespaces
      remove all childs of a device if it get removed
      don't Eject() on dm-devices
      add Dell laptop panel device only if dcdbas is loaded
      linux: ignore uevents for modules and driver
      read dmi info from sysfs instead of call dmidecode
      prevent flood syslog if battery remaining time is above 60 hours
      cleanup set_suspend_hibernate_keys()
      fix endless loop in storage-addon
      don't add pci devices without pci vendor/product ID
      fix possible segfault on fdi-cache recreation
      fix normalised_rate if dis-/charging state is unknown
      fix build errors with D-Bus versions < v1.0
      lshal: use -l as default for --show
      set laptop_panel.brightness_in_hardware=true for all Dell
      fix percentage for empty batteries
      close fd-leaks in hald-addon-input
      fix fd.o bug 5865 - don't set percentag if chargelevel is 0
      fix compiler warning from cgcc/sparse
      fix configure for libparted
      updated chassis types
      fixed Dell WWAN part to work as e.g. WLAN part
      remove function in acpi.c which get only called once
      added error handling for hal_util_get_*int*_from_file()
      fixed acpi addon to prevent unneeded calls
      fixed power_supply_refresh() for batteries
      fixed refresh_battery_slow() for power_supply batteries
      fixed power_supply_compute_udi() to generate useful UDIs
      fixed refresh_battery_fast() for power_supply: battery.*.rate
      fixed device_pm_abstract_props() to set also battery.charge_level.design
      fixed refresh_battery_fast() for power_supply devices
      power_supply battery: moved static stuff to refresh_battery_slow()
      fixed power_supply primary batteries to update values
      get battery.voltage.design on ACPI power_supply batteries
      ignore NameAcquired signal on org.freedesktop.DBus
      fixed cpufreq addon to ignore nonrelevant messages
      fix call hald-generate-fdi-cache, removed --force argument
      add more useful debug output on UTF-8 problems
      added already existing PDA namespace to the SPEC
      removed deprecated and outdated info.bus
      removed deprecated and outdated *.physical_device
      removed deprecated and outdated smbios.* keys
      fix hald-addon-dell-backlight AC detection
      ignore temporary cryptsetup devices
      added MacBook Pro 3,1 support for fdi-file
      fix/cleanup ThinkPad bluetooth switch script code
      vio bus: added type of vio bus and changed info.product/udi
      updated spec for existing storage.bus types
      generate better udis for virtual storage devices
      fixed compiler warning from sparse/gcc
      fixed an other compiler warning from cgcc/sparse
      remove readded deprecated keys from code and provide a fdi-file instead
      fixed compiler warning about different signed parameter
      make crypto-setup policy description more clear
      fixed possible segfault from fd.o bug #14947
      added portable_audio_player.storage_device to spec
      added support for Tablet PCs
      document already existing pnp namespace in the spec
      cleanup code, removed separate calls to set info.udi
      cleanup poll_for_media() in addon-storage.c
      fixed typo from commit d2b2baf9912b36def7856b6bfa5c60fc942bbcba
      update .gitignore
      removed unused GList *hotplug_events_blocked
      fix policy file for org.freedesktop.hal.dockstation.*
      update .gitignore for hald-addon-imac-backlight
      add 10-imac-backlight.fdi to Makefile
      Revert "fix building with g++ 4.3"
      fixed compiler warning for 64bit related to usage of GQuark
      fixed several addons to build correctly
      cleanup TODO: remove implemented 'Singleton addon'
      cleanup TODO: removed already implemented 'depends only on pm-utils'
      autofix primary (ACPI) batteries which charge with a rate > 50 W
      updated NEWS file for upcomming release
      clean up Apple releted fdi-files

David Woodhouse (1):
      add vio support

David Zeuthen (12):
      add methods and libhal api to get all devices in properties in one call
      provide a new org.fd.Hal.D.Storage.Removable interface for polling media
      fix build
      fix /sbin/umount.hal to avoid always returning error if it succeeded
      cowardly adding back info.bus for usb and usb_device for now
      support scsi hosts even when they don't have a physical device
      fix warnings from polkit-policy-file-validate when using PolicyKit HEAD
      post-release version bump to 0.5.11
      print more debug information
      comment out debugging spew for now
      properly serialize the calls to 'hal-acl-tool --reconfigure'
      also bring back a deprecated key to unbreak NetworkManager

Faidon Liambotis (1):
      add a WWAN (Wireless WAN/Cellular) killswitch for Dell laptops

Florent Mertens (1):
      linear MD device are not syncable

Frederic Crozat (3):
      fix for int_outof
      fix addon exiting on system bus restart
      fix crash in libhal_ctx_shutdown

Georges Discry (1):
      add ufstype= as allowed mount option for UFS

Guillem Jover (12):
      fixed possible inifinite loop when removing trailing spaces
      fixed indentation
      fix file descriptor leaks on error conditions
      libhal: do not dereference *reason_why_locked if it's NULL
      dereference pointer after checking it's not NULL
      probe-net-bluetooth: get property from env instead of asking hald
      switch probe-net-bluetooth to use changesets
      libhal: fix memory leaks after out of memory conditions
      add missing semicolon lost in the cleanup
      libhal: unref DBusMessages as soon as possible
      add a video4linux capabilities prober
      partutil: make the get endian functions alignment aware

Holger Macht (3):
      add support for Wake On LAN
      new interface org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.DockStation
      fix dock station status detection on undock operation

Jeff Mitchell (1):
      Saw that the description here hadn't been updated from long-ago changes.

Jeremy Katz (1):
      add suport for the virtio bus

Joe Marcus Clarke (52):
      handle the case where ACPI reports the rate as all ones
      bump the copyright year
      recover from devd being restarted
      add support for net.80203.rate and net.freebsd.ifindex
      probe all PCI buses
      add support for medium_changer devices
      add MBREXT support
      bump the copyright year
      remove the need for cdrtools and add MBREXT support
      improve support for removable media USB SCSI devices
      add a kqueue file monitor
      add a kqueue file monitor
      clean up some compiler warnings
      correct a typo
      fix numerours bugs, plug some leaks, and avoid a race condition
      do not do volume label munging
      remove errant '\'
      include logger.h
      fix build on non-Linux platforms
      conditionalize some dependencies and fix bashisms
      add ext3fs support for FreeBSD
      remove redundant prototypes
      do not check the return of g_new0
      adapt mount and eject functions for FreeBSD
      add Blu-Ray and HD-DVD support
      fix a typo with HD-DVD support
      fix a crash searching for devices
      do not probe audio and blank CDs for file systems
      correct some typos
      add two new form factors
      restore deprecated properties
      initialize the file monitor in osspec_privileged_init
      set the storage.removable.support_async_notification property
      fix up the device store searching code
      properly add the Eject method to Volumes on FreeBSD
      correct a comment
      add DRM device support
      add nvidia support
      call callouts after FDI mapping is complete
      do not assume a SCSI cdb size of 16
      don't shrink the cdb size
      add video4linux support
      add support for Philips webcam devices
      avoid code duplication
      properly map ATAPICAM devices to their underlying ATA device
      re-add the info.bus properties
      re-add net.physical_device property
      re-remove deprecated keys
      add large as a valid vfat mount option for FreeBSD
      check storage.media_check_enabled before polling the device
      properly escape the UDI
      fix crash on 64-bit platforms

Kevin Page (1):
      add ACL policy for Palm PDA device files

Kyle McMartin (1):
      fix hal see same battery twice from sysfs and proc

Linus Walleij (1):
      add acls to USB based audio players

Lubomir Kundrak (3):
      apply ACLs even if acl list reading failed
      move acl-list from /var/lib/hal/ to /var/run/hal
      fix for the acl-list patch change

Marcel Holtmann (2):
      fixed unneeded libusb linking within libhal
      add bridge classification support

Martin Pitt (1):
      fix building with g++ 4.3

Martin Szulecki (1):
      add iMac (x86 linux) backlight addon

Michael Biebl (1):
      fix implicit pointer conversion

Michael E Brown (1):
      fix version check code for libmsbios in configure.in

Olaf Hering (1):
      added vio storage bus support

Richard Hughes (1):
      fix the battery reporting when using CONFIG_POWER_SUPPLY

Rob Taylor (17):
      add --with-linux-input-header configure switch
      make massif-hald.sh give more useful output
      the singleton hash not yet initialised is not an error
      fix uninitialised memory usage in pci_add
      bump GLib dependancy to 2.10
      remove autogenerated file from git
      use slices for HalProperty
      use g_slice for hotplug events
      process coldplug events as soon as they're generated
      rework handling of data from udevinfo for more efficient memory usage
      use GQuarks for property keys.
      process non-dependant hotplug events in parallel
      set 'linux.sysfs_path' as an indexed property
      compute udis that are unique in the gdl and tdl
      Fix memory leak in property_index_check_all
      Add backwards compat wrapper for g_hash_table_get_keys
      Revert "process non-dependant hotplug events in parallel"

Sjoerd Simons (11):
      assign pid to a gint64 before passing it as an _INT64 in a dbus message
      use GString to convert a strlist propery to string instead of a static 
      when initial disc type detection fails fall back to a alternate 
detection method
      fix the keyboard addon to not ignore key repeat events
      always define DELL_WCTL
      implement osspec_privileged_init in the dummy backend
      get rid of PATH_MAX users to allow compilation on the Hurd
      let hal-system-power-pmu return FALSE on hurd
      ensure match rules are always stored before writing the jump_position in 
the cache
      add missing functions in the dummy osspec backend
      get battery serial number from sysfs

Sven Neumann (1):
      use g_timeout_add_seconds() where appropriate if glib 2.14 is available

Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo (2):
      fixed a typo in variable name: is_mah -> is_mWh
      fixed typo in power_supply code

Vinay Reddy (1):
      Add input.mouse capability to VMware's absolute USB mouse

Contributors to hal-info 20080317 (since 20071212):
Adam Williamson (1):
      support Nokia 6300 as a music device

Alexander Jones (1):
      added Nokia 5300 to USB mp3 musicplayer

Alexey Fisher (1):
      added suspend quirks for Asus P5LD2

Bastien Nocera (1):
      added Sony Ericsson K850i to USB mp3 players

Ben Liblit (2):
      suspend video quirk for ThinkPad X61
      added support for software bluetooth killswitch for ThinkPads

Benjamin Delagoutte (1):
      added Sony Ericsson W880i to USB mp3 musicplayers

Brouard Nicolas (1):
      Added keymaps for two Sony Laptops

Carlos Corbacho (5):
      add keymap for Acer Ferrari 5000 series
      fix Acer TravelMate 4650 keymap
      fix Acer TravelMate 5620 keymap for brightness up
      add Acer Aspire 3680, 5570 & 5580 keymaps
      Acer Aspire 1350 Keymap

Dan Williams (7):
      tag many known modems with the modem property and supported command sets
      update makefile for 10-modem.fdi
      Released hal-info 20080215
      identify modems and mobile broadband cards
      Add Dell 5720/Novatel Expedite E725
      BUSlink UM-864GW is GPRS, not CDMA
      Fix Kyocera KPC-650 modem tags

Daniel Tschinder (1):
      added keymap for Acer Aspire 5600

Daniele C (1):
      hal-info patch for Maxdata Pro 7000DX

Danny Kukawka (35):
      Revert "the Ferrari 5000 has the same key mapping stuff as the Ferrari 
1000 and 4000"
      added keymap for Acer TravelMate 5720
      suspend quirk for Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook P7120
      added suspend quirk for LG W1
      fixed keymapping for HP machines (added before by myself)
      added keymapping for HP 6710b
      fixed detection of Dell as vendor for rfkill-switch-wlan
      added suspend quirk for BenQ Joybook R23
      changed suspend quirk for Lenovo X61t to match more models
      fixed keymap of HP Compaq nx5000
      added keymap for a HP zd7000
      fixed Dell WWAN fdi file to add device only if dcdbas loaded
      added suspend video quirks for a Packard Bell EasyNote SJ51
      added suspend quirk for a HP nx6110
      Revert "identify modems and mobile broadband cards"
      cleaned up modem list
      added suspend quirk for IBM Z60m
      fixed entry for Sansa Clip
      cleaned up 10-usb-pda.fdi
      removed deprecated and outdated info.bus
      removed deprecated and outdated smbios.* keys
      s/AMR/amr/ and s/AMR-WB/amr-wb/
      added suspend quirks for a HP Omnibook 6100
      fixed killswitch related configure information
      added suspend quirk for Lenovo ThinkPad R61
      added Cowon iAudio 7 music player
      added keymap for HP Compaq 6910p
      fixed comment in 30-keymap-module-sony-laptop.fdi
      ported USB (mass storage) music players to new keys
      port PSP as musicplayer correctly
      remove some iRiver USB music players (now in libmpt)
      changed key mapping for sony-laptop to match complete VGN-TZ11 series
      cleanup suspend quirks for Samsung UMPC R40/R41
      add suspend quirk for a Samsung P35
      fixed suspend quirk for Dell a Inspiron (MM061)

David Zeuthen (2):
      avoid showing fake cdrom drive on SanDisk Cruzer
      Released hal-info 20080310

Eetu Huisman (1):
      added TrekStor Blaxx music player

Faidon Liambotis (1):
      add a WWAN (Wireless WAN/Cellular) killswitch for Dell laptops

Fernando Muñoz (1):
      added Lyra TH1501 music player

Francisco Neto (1):
      added CLEVO M5X0JE suspend quirks

Fred de St. Croix (1):
      added suspend quirk for a Sony VGN-NR120E

Frederic Crozat (2):
      add keymap database to tarball and add some missing keycodes
      fix hal-info check

Jarod Wilson (1):
      Quirk addition for new T61 model 6465CTO

Jason Merrill (1):
      for Thinkpad T43 we check the video manufacturer rather than the 
Thinkpad model number

Jeff Mitchell (2):
      Fix the Rio Karma entry to expose the access protocol. 
      Screwed up whitespacing somehow with my last commit...fix it.

elle Geerts (1):
      added Acer 5633WLMi suspend quirk

John A. Hull (1):
      add Sansa clip info for USB music players

Julian Sikorski (1):
      keymap for a Toshiba Satellite A100

Kevin Page (1):
      update for PalmOS USB handhelds

Lubomir Kundrak (3):
      fix typo in R61i support
      added another Lenovo R61i
      added another ThinkPad X61 suspend quirk

Mark Edgington (1):
      added Olympus DS-2 voice recorder to USB mp3 player

Martin Pitt (2):
      added Samsung Yepp YP-K3 music player
      fixed suspend quirks for Asus V6V

Mikko Vatanen (1):
      suspend quirk for Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Li1718

MrLoba (1):
      add support for Fn+F1 and Fn+F6 on HP Pavilion DV5000

Nicholas Brekhus (1):
      Adds suspend support for IBM x40 systems

Oldrich Jedlicka (1):
      added keymap for Acer TravelMate 4500

Oliver Gerlich (1):
      added Mobile Media Tech no-name music player

Paul Menzel (1):
      hal-info keyboard support for BenQ R22e

Pavel Šefránek (1):
      added HP 530 keymap quirk

Richard Hughes (2):
      the Ferrari 5000 has the same key mapping stuff as the Ferrari 1000 and 
      fix an obvious bug for dell laptops when pressing the brightness down 

Sjoerd Simons (4):
      comment the MPIO HD300 detection. It gives too many false-positives
      added video quirks for HP 2510p
      added suspend quirks for Asus Eee PC
      add comment that the asus 701 is an Eee PC

Steve Tyler (1):
      video quirk for ASUS Z91E (aka A3E)

Thomas Reifenberger (1):
      add suspend quirk for Acer Aspire 5500

Thomas Renninger (1):
      added keymap for HP 6715

Thorsten Kocher (1):
      suspend quirk for IBM ThinkPad R50p

Ulf Gattner (1):
      added keymap for Samsung P55-Pro

rehan khan (1):
      hp tx1000 hal-info keymap patch

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