[Help hal-]Memory Stick Card Can't auto mount well.

HubLin at via.com.tw HubLin at via.com.tw
Tue Mar 18 19:03:25 PDT 2008

Dear Hal developer:


I am a Linux driver developer for MS/MS Pro Card reader 

And my developing platform is :

OS : Linpus 9.4 Kernel 2.6.22

hal :

dbus-daemon : 0.93


When I plug my Sony Memory Mstick card on my computer, 

Hal can't recognize my card. Either using lshal can't found my card

But in /dev folder, I can found my device node /dev/mscblk0,
/dev/mscblk0p1, and I can mount/unmount it by hand very well.

The following is the gdb message:


09:52:45.822 [I] osspec.c:226: SEQNUM=3356, ACTION=add, SUBSYSTEM=msc,
DEVPATH=/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:0d.0/msc0:0001, DEVNAME=,

09:52:45.823 [I] hotplug.c:168:
/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:0d.0/msc0:0001 is a bus device

09:52:45.824 [I] physdev.c:1583: phys_add: subsys=msc

09:52:45.861 [I] osspec.c:226: SEQNUM=3357, ACTION=add, SUBSYSTEM=block,
DEVPATH=/sys/block/mscblk0, DEVNAME=/dev/mscblk0, IFINDEX=0

09:52:45.862 [I] hotplug.c:174: /sys/block/mscblk0 is a block device

09:52:45.862 [I] blockdev.c:614: block_add:
sysfs_path=/sys/block/mscblk0 dev=/dev/mscblk0 is_part=0,

09:52:45.863 [I] blockdev.c:662: Looking in /sys/block/mscblk0/slaves

09:52:45.863 [I] blockdev.c:710: Done looking in

09:52:45.863 [I] blockdev.c:716: Ignoring hotplug event - no parent

09:52:45.863 [W] blockdev.c:1128: Not adding device object

09:52:45.971 [I] osspec.c:226: SEQNUM=3358, ACTION=add, SUBSYSTEM=block,
DEVPATH=/sys/block/mscblk0/mscblk0p1, DEVNAME=/dev/mscblk0p1, IFINDEX=0

09:52:45.972 [I] hotplug.c:174: /sys/block/mscblk0/mscblk0p1 is a block
device (subsystem)

09:52:45.972 [E] util.c:170: Cannot open

09:52:45.973 [I] blockdev.c:614: block_add:
sysfs_path=/sys/block/mscblk0/mscblk0p1 dev=/dev/mscblk0p1 is_part=1,

09:52:45.973 [I] blockdev.c:716: Ignoring hotplug event - no parent

09:52:45.973 [W] blockdev.c:1128: Not adding device object


My question is :

1.      I trace the source code of hal by blue line information,
but I still don't known why my parent=0x00000000 in the red line.

2.      The same driver in Fedora Core 8 works well, but it is using Hal
0.5.10 version.

Is this Hal version problem? Or My MS card driver forget to provide any


Thanks for you patience reading.

And really need your help.

Best Regards,


Hub Lin

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