hal vs acpid

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Thu Mar 27 07:43:32 PDT 2008

On Thu, 2008-03-27 at 10:59 +0100, Zdenek Prikryl wrote:
> acpid is usually packaged with a script which contains as an action a line
> "shutdown -h now". acpid runs this script every time, when a power button is
> pushed. HAL notices that the power button is pressed and this information sends
> to DBus. Bud if there is no application which would listen on DBus and catches
> this event, nothing will happen. Applications which catch this kind of event on
> DBus are for example gnome-power-manager or kpowersave.

Just for the record we run g-p-m on the login screen in Fedora 9. The
new gdm makes this really easy and makes a lot of issues like this a


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