hal vs acpid

Scott White nwi_sub at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 27 11:35:55 PDT 2008

> Subject: Re: hal vs acpid
> From: david at fubar.dk
> To: zprikryl at redhat.com
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> Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 10:43:32 -0400
> On Thu, 2008-03-27 at 10:59 +0100, Zdenek Prikryl wrote:
>> acpid is usually packaged with a script which contains as an action a line
>> "shutdown -h now". acpid runs this script every time, when a power button is
>> pushed. HAL notices that the power button is pressed and this information sends
>> to DBus. Bud if there is no application which would listen on DBus and catches
>> this event, nothing will happen. Applications which catch this kind of event on
>> DBus are for example gnome-power-manager or kpowersave.
> Just for the record we run g-p-m on the login screen in Fedora 9. The
> new gdm makes this really easy and makes a lot of issues like this a
> non-issue.
> David

My long range goal is to move the application to Fedora.  I am tired of Slackware being difficult to use, not releasing updates (where is KDE 3.5.9?), and downright backwards compared to what the rest of linux is doing (where is squashfs support?).

But for the short term I am stuck with it and was wondering if anything was being done about this issue.  I don't have any gnome stuff, but I will try kpowersave and see what it does.

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