[HarfBuzz] Re: [ft-devel] Relicensing HarfBuzz code from FreeType

David Turner david at freetype.org
Sun Feb 4 10:14:36 PST 2007

> The problem is in Pango actually.  "Pango has no problem using it" as in
> no one ever complained about, except recently in Fedora lists.  The
> complaint is that Pango is not LGPLed, because it uses code that is GPL
> +FTL.
Ah sorry, I imagined that harfbuzz was going to be distributed as a separate
library, not as an integral part of Pango. 

In this new context, I understand that you would want a single license.
I'm ok with re-licensing this code under the LGPL, but I believe that Werner
wrote most of it, so you'd better ask him (and check the sources for author

- David

> Nothing serious.  I thought I ask for a relicensing, but if that's not
> possible, I'll just make it clear in Pango's license that it's not LGPL.
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> > - David
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