[HarfBuzz] Updates Regarding Text Layout Working Group Meeting At LGM in Wrocław, Poland

Rahul Bhalerao b.rahul.pm at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 03:30:18 PST 2008


Comments inline:

On Jan 29, 2008 8:34 PM, Ed Trager <ed.trager at gmail.com> wrote:
> >    (4) Accomodations : Could we get a big dormitory room or apartment?
> >         (Last year in Glasgow we were able to book a university
> > dormitory wing with 8 small bedrooms and shared living/bathing areas.
> > We got a really good deal which made accomodations very inexpensive.
> > I hope that we can do a similar thing this year).
> >
> There are 2 choices. The first one is a good quality hostel
> (ex.http://www.nathansvilla.com/wroclaw.html), that has a dormitory. The
> second is - renting an apartment (though they not always have internet
> connection). Both solutions should not be expensive. Soon I'll  publish
> more news about it on the LGM website.
> If you plan to book the hostel or apartment now, please write to
> info at itwroclaw.pl . They will have the most updated offer of hostels and
> apartments.

Is it sponsored?

> Would you also be interested in giving a talk about what you are working
> at the moment?
> cheers!
> Kamila Giedrojc
> -----------------------
> ===================================================
> Here are my thoughts:
>      3.1. We continue the plans to have a TLM meeting at LGM in Wrocław.
>      3.3. Those who can't attend won't.  That includes me -- I have no
> sponsorship from my employer nor from elsewhere.

I am also waiting for my manager's response. Will notify later about
the confirmation.

>      3.4. At LGM in Wrocław we decide about which future LF
> Collaboration Summit venue would be best for the next TLM after
> Wrocław.
>      3.5. I think the LF Collab Summit in Austin in April is coming up
> too soon so I don't see Austin as a viable option compared to
>            Wrocław.  There is already a lot of excited discussion
> about what can be discussed in Wrocław, so I think it is fairly
> evident that
>            Wrocław is the preferred venue this time around.
>      3.6. If we could really manage to get YouTube videos of each
> presentation this year, I think that would go a long, long way toward
>            maintaining open communication with the wider community who
> are unable to attend Wrocław in person.

Thats really great.

>      3.7. Anyone who wishes to disagree with my take on all of this,
> please feel free to do so.

No disagreements :)


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