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Hi, everyone,

2009/8/25 प्रविण सातपुते <pravin.d.s at gmail.com>:
> 2009/8/25 A S Alam <apreet.alam at gmail.com>
>> On ਸ਼ਨਿੱਚਰਵਾਰ  22 ਅਗਸਤ 2009 07:55 ਸਵੇਰੇ, Harshula wrote:
>>  Kannada :
>> >> Gurumukhi (Punjabi) :
>> >
>> >
>> Would like to work for Gurmukhi (Punjabi).
> cool, thats look nice
> as per written by Behdad earlier test data should be something like,
>>>INPUT: U+1234,U+5678 # some comment
> we will get unicode characters easily by python
> http://pravin-s.blogspot.com/2008/09/python-tricks.html
>>>FONT: Some Font Name 24
> i think it will be nice if we use lohit fonts or only same font for testing,
> i am suggesting lohit since its available for all indic lanaguege, also i
> will be happy to quick fix any problem if from font side.

Because of the changes that Microsoft has implemented for Indic
rendering in OpenType, it is recommended to first test using MS fonts
from Vista/Windows 7.  We can presume that the Vista/Win7 fonts have
been designed to render properly on the latest version Uniscribe.
Using these fonts, Behdad and others working on HarfBuzz can more
quickly achieve equivalent rendering results without having to worry
about bugs in the fonts themselves.  Of course there *may* be bugs
still present in the Vista-fonts--Uniscribe rendering pipeline, either
on the font or Uniscribe side of things, but those can be documented
from visual inspection of rendered output.

>>OUTPUT: <1,0,0>,<5,10,30>
>>>Where the output tuples are glyph id, X and Y.
>>>Something like that can be processed into whatever format we end up
>>> adopting
> i dont know how to get this presently,

PangoView.  Behdad has already talked about modifying PangoView to
produce this kind of output.  And PangoView is already cross-platform,
so we can use it to get both Windows and Mac rendering results, as
well as Linux of course.

> i think pdf will be useful for test file format
> Second thing since we wanna make harfbuzz compatible with windows vista
> local renderer,
> do we should generate pdf from Windows Vista only? dont know which font
> lohit or with Vista local fonts only

Output should probably be individual PNG files -- one image file for
each test case.  PNG files can be easily embedded in a web-based
resource, right along with the textual input and output data.

> behdad can you clarify my doubt little bit
> Thanks & Regards,
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