[HarfBuzz] A question about "simple" substitution / fallback

Ariel Malka ariel at chronotext.org
Sun Dec 15 09:29:08 PST 2013

As an illustration, let's say I'd like to render Biblical Hebrew, solely
using Harfbuzz.

BIDI should not be required, since we only have Hebrew characters with
diacritics, and basic punctuation marks (mainly semicolons...), all in RTL.

It would be straightforward using a font like Arial.ttf.

But I'm trying to simulate the Android environment. So for instance, I
would have to use DroidSansHebrew-Regular.ttf for the characters and
diacritics and DroidSans.ttf for punctuation.

Note that I don't plan to use advanced solutions like fontconfig at this

Do I need to itemize the text into runs with the same font, prior to
shaping or is there a trick (e.g. at the Freetype or OpenType levels) for
handling, say, a "virtual font made of two fonts"?


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