[HarfBuzz] A question about "simple" substitution / fallback

Ariel Malka ariel at chronotext.org
Sun Dec 15 09:56:14 PST 2013


Thanks to Khaled Hosny in a previous thread for the link to Mapnik, which
is indeed a great resource for learning.

I stumbled upon the following, which seems to address my question:

It's now time to digest all the new info ;)

On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 7:29 PM, Ariel Malka <ariel at chronotext.org> wrote:

> As an illustration, let's say I'd like to render Biblical Hebrew, solely
> using Harfbuzz.
> BIDI should not be required, since we only have Hebrew characters with
> diacritics, and basic punctuation marks (mainly semicolons...), all in RTL.
> It would be straightforward using a font like Arial.ttf.
> But I'm trying to simulate the Android environment. So for instance, I
> would have to use DroidSansHebrew-Regular.ttf for the characters and
> diacritics and DroidSans.ttf for punctuation.
> Note that I don't plan to use advanced solutions like fontconfig at this
> stage.
> Do I need to itemize the text into runs with the same font, prior to
> shaping or is there a trick (e.g. at the Freetype or OpenType levels) for
> handling, say, a "virtual font made of two fonts"?
> Thanks!
> Ariel
> http://chronotext.org
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